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B2B Partnerships

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At Rack Attack, we take pride in our long-standing B2B relationships. We offer partners a premium selection of brands and products to enhance their clients' adventures. Our partnership program is designed to provide the best possible service to our B2B partners, enhancing their business model by offering an added value to existing services. 


Custom rack being installed onto vehicle roof

Custom Rack Installations

We specialize in custom rack installations, providing solutions meticulously tailored to meet your customers' unique needs. Our offerings cater to fleets of any size, ensuring that whether you're outfitting a small team or a vast enterprise, you'll find the perfect fit!

We work with you to develop a customized package specifically tailored to your clients and your business objectives. 

car share fleet with custom multi sport racks installed

User-friendly Installation Process

Our expert mobile teams bring convenience directly to your doorstep with a user-friendly installation process, ensuring onsite setup is seamless and efficient. Equipped with a tested and skilled team of installers, we guarantee a hassle-free service that meets your needs anywhere, anytime.

Our team of experienced installation technicians ensure secure mounting, and consistent quality of work providing peace of mind that your project is on schedule and your fleet has minimal downtime for repairs.

custom rack components being installed

Over 100,000 parts Installed

Rack Attack boasts over 25 years of experience in the field. Our team consists of expertly skilled rack installers who have successfully completed installations of over 100,000 parts.

Rack Attack provides ongoing after-sales support, your business can rest assured that we have the technical expertise and a full stock of replacement parts at the ready, so when something goes wrong, we've got you covered and will get your fleet back on the road in full force immediately.

rack attack warranty and service we've got your rack hang tag

Full Warranty and Service Training

Rack Attack offers comprehensive warranty and service training, along with 7-days-a-week support, to ensure ongoing assistance with parts and warranty service as needed.

Our dedication extends to providing specialized training for chosen auto body services, empowering them with a full understanding of our racks and parts.

what we offer

Our B2B services encompass installations on carshare and rideshare vehicles, secure bicycle parking and tenant storage, and commercial fleet upfitting, designed to optimize efficiency and security for your operation.


carshare vehicle with custom colored bike and ski racks
carshare vehicle fleet with custom colored bike and ski racks

Rack Attack is evolving the car share business. Take your carshare venture to the next level by offering a unique service feature on your fleet. Connect your customers with the outdoors with a multi-sport rack system designed for your specific market and vehicle choice. 

Rack Attack has provided over 10,000 custom roof rack systems to Evo car share in Vancouver and Victoria since 2015. We have also provided GIG over 1000 units in California as well as ReachNow and Car2Go in Portland.


ride share vehicle with custom mounted digital advertising screen
rideshare vehicle with seat mounted infotainment display

Rack Attack installs rooftop screens and in-car tablets that showcase vibrant, engaging ads to pedestrians and riders alike. This dual-platform approach ensures maximum visibility and interaction, turning every Lyft ride into a dynamic advertising opportunity and positioning brands at the intersection of mobility and digital innovation.

Bicycle Parking & Tenant Storage

bike storage room with custom lift-assist bike storage racks
locker room with double stacked bike storage rack for 10 bikes

Rack Attack enhances building amenities with professional installation of bicycle parking systems and tenant storage solutions. Our reliable and space-efficient setups are designed to meet the needs of modern urban living, providing secure and convenient storage options that add significant value to any property.

Starting with an initial consultation and a site visit, our team provides a complete design layout, ensuring a complete turn-key solution that works right for your tenants from the very beginning.

Commercial Vehicle Upfitting

Commercial contractor Van with interior storage racks
commerical contractor truck with forklift loadable ladder and conduit rack

We specialize in commercial fleet upfitting, equipping vehicles with custom racks, storage solutions, and accessories designed to maximize efficiency and functionality. Our expert team tailors each upfit to meet specific business needs, ensuring your fleet is ready to perform at its best.



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