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Cargo Carrier Guide

An SUV with a roof rack mounted cargo box

Why limit your storage to the inside?

Vehicles were meant to be modular, so do not let the physical size of your vehicle limit its storage capabilities. At Rack Attack, you will find Cargo Carriers that can fit anything from beach chairs to boogie boards, skis to snowboards, suitcases to duffel bags... you name it, we can store it.

Roof Top Cargo Boxes

Cargo Boxes come in various sizes and finishes and are lockable, so you can feel secure leaving them unattended. Cargo Boxes are available in both roof-mounted and hitch-mounted models. Roof Mounted Cargo Boxes REQUIRE a roof rack system in place, either from the manufacturer of your vehicle or, if your vehicle's roof is bare, one of our multipurpose base rack systems.

Audi SUV with a thule roof mounted Cargo Carrier

What kind of box should i get?

There are a few styles to choose from. Your choice will depend on what you want to carry.

  • Low-profile Boxes - Good length for carrying skis, and you can still park your SUV in the garage
  • Narrow Cargo Boxes - Want to carry a kayak or bike and still have a box for gear?
  • Small Boxes - Still a lot of room, but won't look to big on a small sedan or hatchback.
  • Large Boxes - Bring the whole family, and then some,

Thule and Yakima Cargo box spec comparison sheet

Will it fit my car?

The most common questions we get - "Will it fit my car?", and "Will I fit in my garage?"

Fortunately, we have the answers.
There are two main measurements you need to find your cargo box.

  1. The distance from the front bar to the open hatch.
  2. The available height from the top of your crossbars to the lowest point of your garage.

Once you have those measurements, you can reference this handy chart for a perfect fit. If your measurements are bigger than what's listed in the chart, the box should fit.

We've also included the maximum ski length for those looking to hit the slopes.

The last consideration will be the weight. Your roof rack must be rated to support the weight of the box, plus everything you put inside.

The total weight of the box and contents must not exceed 165lbs, even if your rack is rated for more.

Cargo Baskets

Luggage in a roof mounted cargo basket near a tent

A more versatile option

If you want a more rugged solution, or don't require an enclosed carrier, have a height restriction preventing you from mounting a cargo box, or just want something a little more flexible, a cargo basket may be the perfect option.

Cargo Baskets come in a few different shapes and sizes, options like the Yakima Offgrid and Loadwarrior are avaialable in two sizes, each with an extension that you can put in to increase the total length of the rack. The Thule Canyon comes in one size and has an optional extension as well.

camping gear being stowed in a roof mounted cargo basket

Cargo Basket Accessories

A cargo basket isn't much more than a chunk of metal until you have a way to hold your gear. We carry everything from stretch nets and straps, to dedicated Hi-lift jack holders, axe and shovel brackets, spare tire mounts, and even light mounting brackets.

Hitch Cargo

Hitch mounted cargo system loaded up with bikes on an SUV

Yakima Exo

The ultimate modular rack system. Start with the SwingBase, a base platform that you can mount any EXO accesory to, it will swing out of the way so you can still access your trunk space when you arrive at your camp site.

Double up your adventure by adding the EXO TopShelf, allowing a second accessory to be mounted, allowing nearly endless combinations for the perfect camping rig! 

Hitch mounted cargo system loaded with bikes and camping gear

Exo Accessories

Choose from a cargo box, cargo basket, bike rack, ski rack, table, even a meal prep station and bbq, you're free to choose your own adventure. 

Almost any combination is possible, and accesories can be swapped in only a few seconds!

Some vehicles may have their lights or license plate blocked, which may be met with a few flashing lights. We highly recommend the EXO LitKit for maximum visibility and a hassle free journey.

hitch mounted cargo box on a hybrid vehicle

Thule Arcos

Underground parking has a low ceiling? Saving your roof rack for your boats and bikes? The Thule Arcos gives you 14 cubic feet of cargo on your trailer hitch. That's the same size as a Thule Motion Alpine! 

EV drivers can also benefit from the low-profile design of the box. Not only do you avoid adding wind-resistance by stowing your gear up top, but it's been shown that it can actually increase your range by smoothing airflow at the back of the vehicle, where most aerodynamic drag comes from.

More burning questions? Give us a shout or come see us in person!