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What is the purpose of roof rack fairings?

March 14, 2009

Rack Attack Team

A lot of people ask, what is that wind shield thing? what's it for? Well fairings are added to your Yakima or Thule rack mainly to quiet up the wind noise you may get by adding a roof rack to your car.

Fairings make a noticeable difference in any noise coming from the rack when they are added. They also can sometimes help fuel efficiency when the rack is on the vehicle.

Both Yakima and Thule make various size fairings for different vehicles, be sure to check our automated fit guide to find the correct size for your car. Fairings are recommended to be added to any Thule or Yakima rack when any or all accessories are attached to the bars with the exception of cargo boxes. Fairings also help the car keep that sporty look when using your roof rack. They just make it look cool.