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Thule Edge VS. Thule Evo: What's the Difference?

Roof rack on a car

April 19, 2022

Rack Attack Team

The next generation of Thule Roof Racks has arrived with a promise to revolutionize the roof rack industry! But really, what has exactly changed with the new line of Thule Edge racks?

Overview of Thule Evo and Edge roof rack systems

2022 brings with it the new additions to Thule's roof rack lineup. All of Thule's new racks fall under two families. The existing Evo lineup looks and functions like most traditional roof racks, whereas the new Edge lineup provides a more flush looking alternative and replaces the current AeroBlade Edge family.

Thule Evo vs Edge roof racks

The Old - Thule Evo

With the Evo lineup, the bar extends past the foot pack and hangs over the edge of your car, giving a much more traditional appearance. Within the Evo family, you have three bar choices, but we recommend the Wingbar Evo, which comes in Black and Silver, as it provides the most streamlined appearance.

The New - Thule Edge

If you aren't a fan of the overhanging roof racks, the Edge option is the one for you. With this new system, the foot pack and bars integrate into one another, which creates a flush look that ends at the edge of your vehicle.

The Best Choice for Your Vehicle

While it may seem like there are many different products you will have to sort through, choosing the right system is a lot easier than it looks. All of Thule's new products are named after the style of vehicle they will attach to. For example, the Evo Flush Rail is made to connect to vehicles with flush rails on their roof. That means that if you have a flush rail, the only thing you need to choose if you want the Evo system or the Edge system.


Different roof types visualized

Bare Roof Racks

Bare roofs are some of the most common vehicle roof options on the market, and many customers mistakenly think they have no options for a roof rack. That's where they're wrong; clamp systems have been around for decades and are continually getting better. Using vehicle-specific clips and rubber pads, clamp systems are reliable and sturdy while using every precaution to avoid scratching your vehicle. With the correct combination of a fit kit, crossbars and either the Evo clamp or Edge clamp, you will be ready to go.

The Updated Bare Roof Options

See our Fit Guide for a full package specific to your vehicle.

Evo Clamp and Edge Clamp Are Replacing

Alternatives from Other Brands for Bare Roofs

Raised Rail Racks

As the popularity of overlanding and vehicle exploration continues to rise, more car companies have started adding raised rails to their vehicles to increase their capability. Raised rail roof racks often have the highest weight capacity and are easiest to remove, so it makes sense to choose that option if it's available when buying a new vehicle. This will give you the most straightforward options available to put on a roof rack. Once you choose the crossbars, all you need to do is pick either the Evo Raised Rail or Edge Raised Rail.

The Updated Raised Rail Options

See our Fit Guide for a full package specific to your vehicle.

Evo Raised Rail and Edge Raised Rail Are Replacing

Alternatives from Other Brands for Raised Rail

Fixed Point Racks

Fixed point racks work when the vehicle manufacturer builds mounting points into the roof. These are generally hidden beneath a little door or sometimes below the black trim on your roof. These systems are very secure and typically provide a low-profile look. Thule's new Evo Fixpoint and Edge Fixpoint also have a super convenient on/off mechanism that leaves the fit kit still attached but allows the rack to come off in seconds.

The Updated Raised Rail Options

See our Fit Guide for a full package specific to your vehicle.

Evo Fixpoint and Edge Fixpoint Are Replacing

Alternatives from Other Brands for Fixed Point

Flush Rail Racks

Flush rails have quickly become one of the most common roof options you see on newly manufactured cars. Due to their subtle appearance and improved usability, many manufacturers include them on almost every trim level. This is great since Thule's Evo Flush Rails and Edge Flush Rails are in the top of their class for roof racks using this system. The low-profile design and simple on-off mechanism make having a roof rack easy and sleek with this set-up.

The Updated Flush Rail Options

See our Fit Guide for a full package specific to your vehicle.

Evo Flush Rail and Edge Flush Rail Are Replacing

Alternatives from Other Brands for Flush Rail

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